Sherry Beiers

Sherry Beiers is a self-taught Acrylic Landscape Artist. Sherry was born and raised in Muskoka and presently resides in Bracebridge. She was initially inspired by the Group of Seven and draws on the raw beauty of untamed landscapes to create works of art with vital and deep colours. Sherry’s unique style is alive with sharp contrasts achieved through the brush and bold use of a pallet knife. Sherry’s love of the outdoors and genuine concern for the environment provide her with unlimited motivation and subject matter to photograph and create her vibrant paintings. Please join Sherry in our studio for Adult Acrylic painting classes and our Friday night Art Nights!

Mary An Blythe

Mary An moved to Muskoka 5 years ago. She describes her philosophy as “Life is Art to me and that is why I call my artist journey "Windows Into My Art~ Mary An is a self-taught artist in most mediums, She started with pencil renderings, and moved to accomplished pen and ink. Mary An fell in love with water colour painting over 30 years ago and is passionate about the magic that happens on paper. Teaching it for the last 15 years has become her second passion... “I love lighting people up with their creative gifts”! Mary An is a kind and gentle soul that encourages those around her to feel comfortable as soon as they meet her. Please join her in our watercolour workshops!

Emily Hunter

Emily Hunter was raised in Uxbridge, Ontario and now, with her husband and 2 young children, calls Bracebridge home. Emily completed her BA in Studio Arts at the University of Guelph and went on to complete her Masters of Teaching Visual Arts in Queensland, Australia. She has a love of drawing, painting, sculpting, printmaking, crafting and anything to have a creative outlet. Emily is a supply teacher with the local school board and will be overseeing our school and community outreach programs. She will also be in the studio deliverying child and youth programs in painting, drawing and printmaking.

Andrea Balmer

From a very young age you could find Andrea creating sewing projects without a pattern, colouring outside the lines, cutting the tips off the snowflakes when you weren’t supposed to and taking scraps from the basement and piecing them together for a magical creation the turned out to be a beautiful sculpture. Things often evolve and change in her art as she is working through a project and it was the artists around her, in her family and in her instructional/non-instructional life that encouraged her to be creative in this way. Andrea will be facilitating classes of discovery- creating along side with you and having fun in the studio!

Lynda Lynn

A lifelong fascination with colour, Lynda works in a wide range of mediums She has continued to study art all of her life, her first formal training being with noted landscape painter and friend, Robert Emerson Everett and then at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Georgian College, Nipissing University, and with various master artists. The world around her holds infinite curiosity and interest, and she finds the whole field of artistic expression fascinating. Art helps her to see both inner and outer worlds and is a form of language that speaks to the soul. In her paintings, she uses colour subjectively, trying to psychologically capture the intrinsic spirit of the subject. Art is a matter of perception, with its elements changing through both the eyes of the artist and with the viewer. Lynda’s work leans toward abstract realism and nonrepresentational abstract forms of expression. She likes to play and experiment with the challenge of light playing on colour, to combine all of the elements in a satisfying whole, hoping to stir the imagination of the viewer by involving them on a personal level through the use of their own imagination. Lynda was a founding director of the Muskoka School of the Arts where she focused on teaching the uses and expressionism of colour and colour theory. Lynda has given workshops for Central Ontario Art Association; Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute; Barrie Art Club; Georgian College; Gibson Centre for Arts and Culture, Alliston; Halifax, N.S. Art Group, Muskoka Arts and Crafts; Brown Baggers; and others. Lynda’s paintings hang in private and corporate collections internationally.

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