Month 2 in the world of active program in a business. We are all up hill from here. I am having a lot of fun, learning a ton and trying to remember that I also have a family to see once in awhile. (At least they come and see me in the studio). Life is good.  

I have always had a strange and uncanny ability to remember random numbers. It used to serve me well when I entered hundreds of payroll files, had to recall phone numbers before smart phones took over and if I ever wanted to do party tricks and shock you with your license number I happened to notice once when we met 3 years ago. Names and directions though.. that is another story.

I am having a lot of fun re-learning things and taking the lead from others.

As often as I could remember random digits, I also have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth or tell a joke and realize I’ve already ruined it with the punch line. I can’t recall instructions for a lesson plan or much less tell you what I did 10 minutes after leading a session. This is the story of my life and I’ve learned to adapt. Running an art studio has me on a steep learning curve as I need to recall those lessons from years past and teach them to others.


I am enjoying re-learning things and taking the lead from others. The studio is an amazing piece of the community- starting to form and come together while supporting each other through learning, regulars coming in and being pleasantly surprised when their friends are in the same group. From what I can tell everyone seems to be leaving the classes having either had a great time or contributed valuable feedback to us about how we can make things better.


I may not remember everything about art but the team of artists that have come together to teach at Let The Cat Go are truly inspiring to me and make me comfortable that I can continue being who I am. I will ruin your jokes and tell you your social security number AND I will also run an amazing art program. Bring it on month 3- I’m ready.


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