Let the Cat Go. What is the story there?

Art is a playful thing. It is a place of tension, stress, freedom, creativity and love. It can be so many things to so many people. The art world can also feel exclusionary because it is so open to interpretation, some don’t “get it” or feel they won’t be able to “do it”. Of all the things that benefit our lives, art should be the one thing that we all do freely and without judgement and yet most people avoid and feel nervous about.

Let the Cat Go is meant to be a studio where you can be silly, serious, get your hands dirty, not take yourself too seriously, do your finest work, challenge yourself and learn new skills and feel free to fail.

It is a place to meet your neighbour, to make a new friend and to bring old ones.

It is my hope that this little studio, named after my mom who never takes life too seriously-  Mrs. Lukachko…Mrs. Let-the-cat-go is a place where you will come and do some art and make a stronger community while having a darn good time.

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